AS AN EMMY AWARD WINNING Production Designer for the new Series        ' ENDLINGS ' the biggest challenge was Designing and Fabricating a 46' long, organic looking, crashed spaceship. It's spiral / helical design with extruded bubble dome canopy required unique solutions to not only a tight deadline but also challenging  budgetary goals.

Designed , Created  and Puppeteered the 54 ft , full size Sperm Whale Puppet for the  Sensational Hulu Series  'The Boys ' This is our largest creation to date . We are currently working on even crazier large scale projects for Season 3 of the ' The Boys ' airing later this year‚Äč

In this enormously popular commercial for Credit Karma we designed and created 9 ft tall animatronic Moose. Organic fluid movement of such a large and irregularly shaped head was achieved with a multiple set of very responsive hydraulic pistons and control levers.

For The Boys Season 1 we re-engineered our Cable controlled Dolphin into a full length one piece  Dolphin . creating and Puppeteering this character in one of the funniest scenes I have ever scene



We Created four 7' 6"  Animatronic "Worry Monster" Creature Suits for this enormous new POM Wonderful Campaign. In a series of commercials, massive web presence, print ads and 80' tall video billboards in Times Square.

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POM Dolphin

Not new...   but notable

Credit karma  Moose

We Designed and created this animatronic Dolphin impaled through a man as a live , performable , practical in camera effect. This very funny series of commercials have gone on to have over 22 Million Hits on YouTube.

Spent a week working with Lady Gaga at the Much Music Video Awards. We created and operated the 'Gaga Goo Walls ' that poured 50 Gallons of purple slime over Miss Ga and her dancers.

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Created a 9 ft Manatee in the IMPOSSIBLE TIMELINE of 9 DAYS.Made from scratch and equipped with floatation system , animatronic snout and jaw/ It was installed and Puppeteered in an open ocean environment along side a real Dolphin

Very Proud to have been Nominated for the 2016 Emmy Awards as Production Designer for this new Series , I designed and created over an acre of environment using wrecked cars, plane debris , carnival rides and cargo containers as giant Lego . Bringing to life large, kinetic and imaginative backgrounds for genius child inventor 'Anne" and her robotic pals.

As Production Designer for this new PBS Series tried to take playful environments to epic scale. The 165 ft long, 60 ft wide , two story high Odd Squad headquarters is packed full with Secret Panels, Trap Doors, Slides and Gadgetry.