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As Production Designer for this new Sinking Ship series, we designed and created over an acre of film environment using wrecked cars, plane debris , carnival rides, and cargo containers as giant lego building blocks. Bringing to life large, kinetic and imaginative backgrounds for genius child inventor "Anne" and her robotic pals.

Tasked with putting together the entire Art Department we had to oversee design staff, plan construction of sets, create the esthetic template for the props, and fabricate many of the practical robots such as "Webby One" and Anne's "Robo Kitchen".

I have always felt that the biggest compliment ever received for my work on Annedroids, was as every child who climbed in through the secret entrance, looked out through the top of the rotating "Merry-Go-Observatory", swung around in the ejection seat in the lab, or waved from the top of the "Crows Nest",  their first question was always...  
                             "Can I live here?"